Master of Arts (Theology and Mission)

Master of Arts [MA] (Theology and Mission) (Intake: August)
Are you a doctor, engineer, lawyer, nurse, teacher, computer scientist, accountant or engaged in any other profession and interested in being equipped for Christian mission and ministry in your field of work? Do you want to discover how to integrate your faith with your life, work and ministry? Are you a Pastor seeking to have a deeper understanding of your pastoral ministry in the context of theology and mission? This MA is uniquely designed for professionals in every field and Pastors who wish to be better equipped to minister or to explore Christian mission in any context.

MA (Theology and Mission – Holistic Mission and Development Option) (Intake: February)
Are you a development worker with an NGO? Do you struggle with how to integrate your Christian faith with development work? Is your challenge that of understanding how the Gospel integrates with development work to make it transformative, integral and sustainable? Do you have a concern for how Christian mission will respond to climate change and global warming? This Option is especially designed for people who are working with NGOs, in Church-based development programmes, or those who are interested in the holistic development of individuals and communities.

MA (Theology and Mission – Biblical Studies Option) (Intake: February)
Are you concerned with the way people quote from the Bible without understanding? Do you want to sharpen your own application of biblical truths, especially with regard to mission in the African setting? This option equips you with the skills to study the Bible so that it comes alive in the African context and forms the basis of all Christian mission. Become Christian leaders who can confidently expound the word of God in the African context such that it impacts your pursuit of Christian mission.

MA (Theology and Mission – Pentecostal Studies Option) (Intake: February)
What is the Pentecostal perspective on Christian mission? What do the Scriptures really say about the Holy Spirit? Who is the Holy Spirit? What is the Holy Spirit’s work in relation to individuals, Christian and non-Christian, as well as the Church? Do you seek to understand the power behind healing and exorcism? The Pentecostal Studies Option focuses on these and other related issues in the context of theology and mission.

MA (Theology and Mission – Mother Tongue Theology Option) (Intake: February)
Are you aware of the potency of the indigenous languages of the world, especially African languages? Do you know that by reading the Bible in the mother tongue and reflecting theologically on the pre-Christian roots of the words employed in translation, one is led to a fresh understanding of God’s revelation in Christ Jesus? Enrol in this ground breaking course and be equipped; you are then in a better position to help several people in your church community who make use of the mother tongue in articulating their faith as Christians.

MA (Theology and Mission – Leadership Option) (Intake: February)
What accounts for the crisis of leadership recognised across all segments of African society? Are the tools, invariably imported from outside the continent, on offer for addressing the crisis adequate or just only skimming the surface and making little impact? This option builds on the proven strengths of the existing MA programme in offering sound biblical and theological training that equips for mission and ministry in the African context and applies that knowledge to the vexed issues of leadership. Its rationale is that leadership is caught through vision, calling, integrity and example, that is, ‘ incarnate leadership’. 

MA (Theology and Mission – Bible and Science Option) (Intake: February)

Study at ACI for the exciting experience of mission and applied theology in context.

Entry requirements for admission
MA: A good bachelors honours degree (or its equivalent) in any discipline from a recognized and accredited University. (The MA in Theology and Mission also qualifies candidates for consideration to be admitted to the MTh).

Application forms are obtainable from the Registrar’s Office through P.O. Box 76, Akropong-Akuapem, or or 0342-091- 490/1, or our website: Completed application forms, with application fee of GHC 100.00, should be returned to the Registrar at the above address. Interested applicants and sponsors should please send e-mail to or call 0342-091-490/1 or 0277556718.

    Closing dates for submission of application forms are:
    – End of April for August intake
    – End of November for January/February intake